Zukul Trader Review – Legit Trading Opportunity or Huge Scam? Find Out…

Welcome to my Zukul Trader Review, I will report all about what Zukul Trader is all about.

I’ll cover most of the meat and potatoes of what I can find on the company from their opportunity corporate pages and from the search engines.

I will cover in detail mostly everything you want to learn about the Zukul Trader compensation plan, company, and products, because those topics are what usually matter.

I will surely try to focus more on the pay plan because in most cases I found that is what people want to learn more about…

The Dinero

I will also reveal the secrets on how to get to the top levels of the pay plan at the end of my review, if that is something that you would need.

Before we get started with my excellent Zukul Trader review, I would like to take a second to introduce myself so that you can learn about me.

Or simply skip over to the next section to get to the main content details that covers all that you want to know about Zukul Trader.

About Me

Before I start, let me introduce myself to those that don’t know who I am yet.

I am not going to go into a full blown life story about myself and how I got started, you can actually read my full biography here, but would like to give to you an understanding of my skill level, if you will.

To show that when you read one of my critiques about a topic, I do not have a just starting out skill level on the topic.

My name is Wallace, and I have been marketing on the internet for over 12 years full time, and been in Network Marketing for nearly twenty.

I’ve built massive teams, made programs, and made countless tutorials, and have been doing this full time for over nine years.

Personally, I’m responsible for helping students to learn how to earn an outstanding sums of money on the internet, and many of them took that knowledge to create massive success online too.

I’m telling you this not to brag or boast but to basically let you understand that I understand what it takes to quit your job and eventually work from home full time.

My main inspirations are my three children and my spouse of over ten amazing decades.

Welcome to my Zukul Trader Review!

Chances are someone approached you about the trading opportunity and you landed here to make sure it’s legit right?

The good news is that I am going to walk you through everything so you can make the right decision to join or not…

All you need to do is PAY close attention and read this to the end…

Zukul Trader Review – The Company

Zukul initially launched back in 2014 and is the brain child of Jeremy Rush and Michael Bloom.

In 2016, the company wasn’t doing well so they reinvested themselves as an ad credit revenue sharing platform like Traffic Monsoon and Traffic Hurricane.

When that didn’t do well, they became Zukul Gold which basically pushed his members to a company called Eagle Aurum Team.

That also didn’t work out and went under…

In 2017, Zukul was pretty quiet, but looks like they came back this time trading cryptocurrencies.

Maybe this time they will pull it off?

Let’s see…

Zukul Trader Reviews – The Products

Zukul Trader doesn’t have any retail products or services, but you can promote their affiliate membership…

Zukul Trader Compensation Plan

Zukul Trader members invest funds into the company to make a passive ROI which is through cryptocurrency trading.

Members in the company invest through something called units:

Starter Units are $10, capped at 300 active units
Beginner Units are $35, capped at 1500 active units
Intermediate Units are $85, capped at 3000 units
Advanced Units are $185, capped at 6000 units

Zukul Trader also pays commissions when you sponsor new members into the company.

You will get a percentage of the investment your downline members put in and is paid through a unilevel compensation plan structure.

This is capped at three levels in total:

Level 1 (personally sponsored affiliates) – 25%
Level 2 – 10%
Level 3 – 5%

Residual Commissions

All residuals are paid through a 3×10 matrix compensation plan wand is capped at level 10:

Level 1 – 10% (3 positions)
Level 2 – 4% (9 positions)
Level 3 – 3.5% (27 positions)
Level 4 – 2.5% (81 positions)
Level 5 and 6 – 1.5% (972 positions)
Level 7 – 1% (2187 positions)
Level 8 to 10 – 0.5% (85,293 positions)

You can also get 50% matching bonus on your personally sponsored members…

You can compare the Zukul Trader compensation plan and other facts with other company reviews like my Stiforp Review, Lia Sophia Review and Cooperative Crowdfunding Review.

Cost To Join Zukul Trader

Zukul Trader doesn’t provide you with any information on what everything costs.

I even looked on their website…

All of the payments in Zukul Trader are made in Bitcoin…

The moment you have been waiting for inside of this Zukul Trader review…

Verdict On Zukul Trader

Let’s just say they do a trading bot that does all of this trading that makes a passive ROI.

They need to be registered with the SEC to sell to Canadians and USA.

I know they are from the UK, but not sure how it works there.

Personally, I haven’t seen any legit MLM that trades cryptocurrencies…

I know you can trade yourself, but this trading bot stuff is popping up everywhere…

Now Zukul jumped on that bandwagon.

Right now, I do not recommend the company unless they can prove the trading and their registration with the SEC.

If they can provide the proof and registration with the SEC, I will put it on the “recommended list”.

But as of now, it’s a no go for me.

Final Thoughts

My Zukul Trader review and final conclusion is this.

I’ve been in this industry for many decades, and have seen thousands of programs come and go throughout the many years I’ve been working on the Internet.

I have personally written several blog post opinions about many different programs.

Through the many years of marketing on the internet I now have my certain personal guidelines about programmes, and offers that I market, and many of them turned out to be bad apples and went out of business.

On the other hand, many decisions I’ve made have turned out positive, and made a lot of money from working the programs.

The bottom line is this, you nor I can see behind the curtains, we do not know if they have a corruptible or dumb programmers, we don’t know if the banks they are working with go through changes and decided to stop doing business with the program, or even freeze the programs money.

The Crystal Ball Does Not Exist!

We do not know if the staff are simply ignorant to the updated statutes, or maybe they are simply corrupted… we do not know.

We do not know if months in the future, other staff members that have control becomes a thief … it happens on many occasions!

It can be the best looking, most legit company or product out their, and they even might hire attorneys to appear legit.

We simply cannot predict the future of any program, product or company out today.

Just understand that this program is just 1 tool to use to earn money online, that’s it!

So make as much cash as you can with it, but if its not working out for you, simply work a different program.

When you understand how to drive traffic and turn that traffic into prospects, you want to match up that traffic with the best available converting offers, and perhaps this one turns out to be not the one?

It Happens, Just Don’t Give Up

Long story short, if you decide to join, I wish you all the best, and if you don’t join, I still wish you the very best, either way, let me help you out by giving you some training I posted below.

Here Are The Facts!

Without traffic and the know how of getting opt-ins and converting those subscribers into sales, it will not matter what you try to sell online, you will not be successful!

You need to understand this, and make “traffic and subscribers” your first priority!

You have to make this a priority in front of ANY program or opportunities you join, and that is when your path to becoming a successful Internet Marketer will start.

That Is What I Do Know.

NEVER think for a second that any 1 program is the one…(reference quote from character NEO from the movie Matrix, love that movie!)

Here is what I’ve for those that desires help.

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